Artist Statement
The pure energy that comes through my spirit and into my hands creates a centering effect within me and
what I create. The passion I have for the art of tattooing comes though in each piece bringing design
inspiration into form. My work is simple and elegant. It gives me great pleasure to bare my soul to you.

Artist Biography
Matthew S. Kennedy is a self taught ceramic artist with an international reputation, whose professional
career has spanned more than 17 years as a ceramic artist. His art work is featured in many offline and
online galleries. In recent years, Matthew has developed strong relationships within the art community,
consultants, television and movie artists and stylists, corporate representatives and interior designers who
wish to provide their clients with extraordinary beautiful works of art. His art mediums are ceramic, and
enameling, making unique use of vibrant pigments and colors for each piece of art work. The ceramic tattoo
inspired collection is his most recent works.  Matthew hand carves each design element for every piece.
Ceramic Tattoo Art Inspiration
I was watching the TV Show called Miami Ink when it first aired and I thought to myself why can't I
apply that to my ceramic art? It was on like Donkey Kong from that point. I really have a great
respect for the art of tattooing and while my artwork is totally different from a tattoo artist I hope
that it gives the industry the respect it deserves.
Matthew S. Kennedy, Ceramic Artist
Tattooing on a Ceramic Wall Hanging
Modern Art with an Asian Influence
When the economy dropped in 2008 I found myself a professional at his prime who could not find a job in Real
Estate. I was living in Santa Barbara in 2010 managing a property and got laid off. I tried to start my ceramic
business but when the unemployment ran out I was forced sell everything I owned, buy a 1990 Ford Van and go
"Camping". I have been living in the van ever since.  It turned out (as so many life lessons do) being the best
experience of my life. I have been blessed in so many ways from my
"Camping Journey". Some of the things I have

  • It taught me the value of people instead of money.
  • It taught me that I can live on nothing, ask for help and bring myself up and out.
  • It taught me that we only have today.
  • It taught me to be a giver every day and be grateful for everything, good and bad.
  • It taught me the value of pets and the comfort they can bring to one's life in a time of need.
  • It brought about this website to help the people that are going through the same thing I went through.
  • It taught me that nothing is permanent and that change is to be embraced.

I could go on and on actually and I will always be grateful for this journey.
Working with the Homeless
I now have committed to work with the homeless every day of my life directly or indirectly. I currently am working on
finishing my other website -
California Homeless Resources to help people get up and out. I complete a city in
California every day and should have a completed website by June 3rd 2013 (My Birthday). I will then go on TV and
promote the hell out of it as to help as many people as I possibly can.  

Below is some of the homeless outreach that I was able to do while being homeless. I used Facebook and social
media to get donations and went directly to the streets and passed out what was donated. I want to do this again
real soon. Below are some of the wonderful people that I have met during my journey to learn how to be a giver. I
highly suggest doing this. Anyone can do it and it is very easy. Just fill up your car and go to where the homeless
hang out and open the car and let them get what they need. You will be blessed more than you can ever imagine.
My Property Management Career
After about a year of my sobriety I got into Property Management and started to manage a 224 space RV Resort. I
then went on to manage some of the largest single family home communities in Southern California. I had the
privilege to manage "Sky Lofts" a 22 story High Rise in downtown Los Angeles (Pictures below). I also managed
Four Seasons of Hemet a 1,100 unit community in Hemet California where I grew up. I now have the best of both
worlds and I manage a small property in San Diego California and am able to do my ceramic art full time.
This was the most special moment I have had so far. I was
able to pull up on this gal that desperately needed a pair of
shoes. It was cold and she was barefoot. She was so grateful
for these shoes. What a simple thing do... I just passed on a
pair of shoes that someone passed on to me.
Some Awesome People!
The "God Van"
Matthew S. Kennedy, Ceramic Artist
Phone:  951-305-1027
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